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Board of Directors


Running Board

Mayer Gniwisch (President)
Ali Lydinia
Ari Koifman
Ashy Firedman
Dave Merovitz
Evelyne Masa
Gabriel Kakon
Jeremy Levi
Joel Goldman
Julia Waxman
Laurent Bensemana
Reuben Malz
Shayna Goldman
Rachel Goodman Aspler
Pepita Capriollo
Mike Flinker

Executive Board

Chaim S Cohen (CEO)
Rivkah Hendel (Recording Secretary)
Berech Mockin
Levi Ganzburg
Yosef Drihem
Bernardo Kremer
Pesach Nussbaum
Isaac Gniwisch

President’s Message

Dear Friends,

First and foremost I would like to thank The One Above for having seen fit to thrust me into the position of President of MADA. It is a great responsibility and honour. It is a privilege to be in the position to spearhead the expansion of MADA in the growth of existing services and in the inauguration of new and exciting programs in the service of the most vulnerable members of our community.

I would furthermore like to express my gratitude to the Lubavitch Rebbe’s esteemed emissaries, Rabbi Chaim Shloime Cohen, Rabbi Yossi Drihem and all the staff at MADA, for your vote of confidence. I’m greatly humbled.

As president, I welcome a new and expanded Board of Directors. Our board is now close to 30 members. We have formed nine different highly focused committees and every single board member is involved in one or more of the committees. These multi-talented and hard-working individuals are eager to make a difference at MADA. Are you interested in helping? You don’t need to be a board member to volunteer. Our committees need your talent and support.

The last 2 years, under the capable leadership of our immediate past President, David Merovitz, were momentous ones. MADA was splitting at the seams trying to accommodate an ever growing clientele from cramped quarters at the Plaza. We have now moved into our new and ideal Decarie facility. It is several times the size of our previous facility. A permanent home for MADA at last, rather than a rented locale – Baruch Hashem. Our move is complete and all our programming is operating: our Food Bank, our 7 day 3 meals per day Cafeteria, Shabbat to Share, Rosh Hashanah and Pesach meal preparations, clothing, furniture, etc., There are still ongoing renovations, but that is not affecting our services.

The official Grand Opening of our new facility will take place in October 2015. Please do attend, everyone is welcome.

Immediately thereafter will we be launching our citywide capital and endowment campaign to help MADA continue its expansion and help maintain our current projects. Your support is needed. Please contribute today.

In addition to managing and stabilizing the growth of existing programs, we have many ambitious plans for the future. Click here to find out more.

My dear friends, MADA is a platform for goodness. MADA makes a huge difference to every person who gets involved. MADA has a holistic approach that fosters the idea that we are all G–d’s creations, that we all have what to contribute and that through helping everyone benefits. We are all family at MADA.

May you be inscribed and sealed for a year of blessings and success,

Pesach Nussbaum
President, Board of Directors
MADA Community Centre