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MADA’s currency is dignity.

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to admit to needing help with fears you might be judged, or spoken down to. Through MADA, those fears disappear. We help people get the food, clothing, and support they need—without judgement or condescension. Just like a business helping a client.

When you support MADA—you’re supporting dignity.

Everyone needs an open door....

For thousands of people, MADA is not just a place to get three meals a day, or clothing to keep warm—it’s a community. A place where they can find support and care—like a family.

When you support MADA, you’re opening a door for the vulnerable to receive nourishment, life essentials and a sense of community.

“When you donate $1 to MADA, it transforms at $8 value.” – Ronnie Cons (longtime supporter)

A community built of over 2,000 volunteers strong and countless partners city wide, the proof is in the pudding! This generous community donates food, time, and support so that we can distribute 30 million worth of food and essentials on a shoestring budget. In 2021, 91 cents of every dollar donated was used for charitable activities. Not many charities, especially food banks, are able to say the same.

MADA is the only organisation in Montreal who has the expertise to make every dollar count so much. When you support MADA you are opening a door for those that need it the most. Your donation can change lives!

MADA’s currency is dignity. Be a part of it!

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