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Fighting Poverty

Poverty in Montreal

According to The Institute for Research and Socio-Economic Information (IRIS), to avoid poverty in 2020, a household of two adults and two children would need $61,009 in Montreal and a single person would need $27,948.

As per Centraide of Greater Montreal, this represents 21.3% of Montrealers.

Some of the consequences of poverty, involve malnutrition due to lack of funds to afford healthy and fresh food (such as fruits and vegetables), increased health problems, shortened lifespan and many others. Seniors on fixed incomes are struggling to get by, children are going to school malnourished, and families who lost their jobs or businesses due to COVID are struggling to make ends meet.

MADA seeks to alleviate this burden for those less fortunate by providing fresh fruits and vegetables, daily meals, and food and household supply baskets to help alleviate the financial burden and help people thrive, not just survive.

We also provide good quality donated clothing and furniture to help our clients with their financial situation.

We are pleased to say that many former clients needed MADA to get through a rough patch and are now autonomous and independent and giving back through volunteering or donations. 

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