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Meals À Partager

Register now to Mada’s MEALS À PARTAGER

and get home-delivered, twice a week, 3-days worth of prepared nutritious meals to help you during trying times

For the elderly or disabled, Mada’s MEALS À PARTAGER program can turn the demanding daily routine of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner into the simple pleasure of sitting down and enjoying ready-made nourishing kosher meals… every day of the week! 

MEALS À PARTAGER is meant for you …

If, because of the present COVID-19 situation or because of any other challenging daily circumstances, you or someone you care for find it difficult to go out and get the needed grocery items, much less prepare three nourishing meals a day, every single day… then Mada’s MEALS
À PARTAGER service is meant for you.
More specifically, MEALS À PARTAGER is for:

  • Everyone who is 65 years old and over
  • Anyone with a physical, medical, emotional or financial challenge in dealing with the essential
    day-to-day meal preparations
  • Families that have the responsibility of caring for an elderly or high-risk family member


Find out if you, or someone you know, is eligible to register by filling out the form below >>>


With MADA, your are never alone in trying times…

because we are family!

In keeping with its heartfelt mission of supplying food and basic living essentials to people in need going through hard times, the caring individuals at MADA Center recognize the ever-growing number of people who are in need of nutritious meals and yet cannot get that sustenance due to various constraints and circumstances.
That is why the MADA team came together to set-up and offer MEALS À PARTAGER, to make sure that no one is forgotten during trying circumstances.

If you wish to help MADA:

Find out if you, or someone you know, is eligible to register by filling out the form below >>>