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Over 900 Attendees at MADA Purim Celebration!

Over 900 Attendees at MADA Purim Celebration!

Purim 2015

MADA thanks Purim sponsor and volunteers who enabled the community to celebrate the Purim festival with joy and happiness!

Irwin Miller, well known for his philanthropy in the Montreal Jewish community, wanted to celebrate his special birthday in a unique way! He wanted to share this special occasion with all the attendees at the MADA annual Purim dinner celebration.

Irwin Miller

Irwin Miller

On Purim day, March 5, 2015, over 900 people including seniors, adults and families with children gathered at the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue.

They were treated to a festive full-course meal, musical entertainment, with separate programs in separate halls for the adults and the children.

Rabbi Krasniansky of Chabad of the Town and Rabbi Steinmetz of TBDJ greeted the guests in the Purim spirit!

The holiday was complete with the customs of Purim including the Megillah reading, Mishloach Manot (MADA provided gifts bags with food treats which were distributed for the guests to exchange among themselves), everyone having the opportunity to give charity and even the yummy custom of eating the famous hamantaschen cookies.

A heartfelt thank you to Irwin Miller for sponsoring the MADA Purim event in honor of his special birthday!

MADA also thanks the sixth grade of Talmud Torah who packed hundreds of Mishloach Manot, and the sixth grade of Hebrew Academy who set up the tables on Purim day! The children received innovatively packed Mishloach Manot, thanks to the courtesy of Lori Bassal Abadi !

Thanks to the devoted MADA volunteers who spent their Purim serving, greeting the guests., singing and sharing the joy of Purim with all the attendees!

Please call MADA if you would like to host or volunteer for holiday events. Passover is your next opportunity!

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