Once again MADA’s annual Rosh Hashanah dinners were a huge success. Over 2500 Montrealers who are alone or without means received a sumptuous, three course traditional dinner (complete with wine, new fruits, apples dipped in honey and honey cake) – all at no charge.

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MADA’s annual effort, bringing the warmth and joy of traditional Passover Seders and holiday meals to those who are alone or without means, met with great success. During the two weeks before and during Passover, over 500 volunteers peeled, chopped, processed and cooked over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce, 2000 pounds of salmon and 1300 chickens.

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Purim 2014 at MADA

800 Community members gather for a Purim dinner in the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, arranged and hosted by the Mada Community Center. The guests range from people that receive services from MADA to volunteers and donors.

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A Unique Bat Mitzvah celebration took place at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Feb. 16. Inspired by the chesed of their parents, who are devoted volunteers at MADA Community Center, Kellie Elkrief, Lola Toledano, and Sarah Bensemana decided to share their Bat Mitzvah with women and girls who participate in Mada’s year long activities and services.

Over 500 women received elegant invitations and were treated to a full-course festive dinner. Sitting at beautifully set tables, the guests enjoyed soulful music and a Dvar Torah by Rebbetzin Lisa Steinmetz and an inspirational speech by Corrie Sirota. Raffles were held and prizes were distributed throughout the event, and gift bags were received by all.

The event was coordinated by MADA Community Center with the joint efforts of the MADA volunteers, families and classmates of the Bat Mitzvah celebrants who set the tables, served, and brought joy and happiness to all attendees.