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Passover success at MADA

Passover success at MADA

Volunteers in Passover 2018 at MADA


Turning lonelines and despair into joy

The MADA community Seders is a tradition that turns holiday loneliness into companionship, friendship, a sense of belonging and the comfort of family. This massive annual effort brings the warmth and joy of a traditional Passover Seder those who are alone or without financial means.

“Celebrating at the MADA Seder table brought back great memories of our family’s Seder years ago,” said MADA’s client. “In the past, I had the physical and financial resources and space in my home to make a Seder, which I did for many people. Last year, my own synagogue did not hold its usual Seder, and it was just wonderful to have somewhere else to turn to. Thank you, MADA, for doing this.”

Volunteers in Passover 2018 at MADA

MADA extends its sincere gratitude to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers for helping us to serve 5,000 meals throughout Passover. Included were the 10 community Seders locations, Shabbat to Share and daily cafeteria meals!

Thank you for also packing and delivering 2,000 MADA Passover Baskets & over 1,400 Shabbat to Share boxes!

MADA grew from hosting a relatively small group of 125 guests for Pesach in 2009 at its former headquarters to now expecting 2,500 guests for Passover 2018 at its new headquarters, on Decarie Blvd. MADA wishes to extend outreach over the Passover Seders to help those in our community who cannot celebrate Passover on their own with family and friends.
May we continue to fulfill the lubavitcher Rebbe’s teaching:

“Let no Jew be left behind.”

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