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Definition: The consequences and cumulative effects of a charity’s outputs over time on the beneficiaries, communities, and causes the charity serves.

Members = MADA clients

MADA’s Outcome by Program for ALL Programs

Food Bank and Cafeteria

Outcome Goals: To rescue food and save it from going to landfills by distributing to people in need  

Calculation:  Tons of food rescued and distributed




Goal for 2022

Goal for 2023

Goal for 2030

Kgs of Food Rescued






“I have never seen so many wonderful things in a Food Basket.  It’s Incredible.  All I have is MADA and I hope it continues.  I wish I could do more for you but I can’t.  All I can say is thank you very much!”  – MADA client “Josh’

Shabbat to Share

Outcome Goal: To make sure all of the Montreal Senior Jewish Community living below the poverty line are provided with weekly Shabbat to Share boxes:  

Poverty line = Low Income Cut Offs as per Statistics Canada

Calculation:    Shabbat to Share recipients /  Montreal Jewish Seniors living below the poverty line as per the National Household Survey Analysis of The Jewish Community of Montreal




Goal 2022

Goal 2023

Goal 2030

Shabbat to Share recipients






Montreal Jewish Seniors living below the poverty line






% covered






“I received a beautiful Shabbat food package, yummy, elegant and mouthwatering.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”  – MADA client ‘Sheila’

Meals A Partager

Meals a Partager is a NEW Program that delivers healthy fresh and nutritious meals weekly to people in need at no cost.

Outcome Goals:  Help all MAP recipients to remain independent and increase their quality of life

In a July-August 2022 survey of some of our Meals A Partager clients

  • 136 out of 148  surveyed (92%) said that this program has helped them remain independent
  • 129 out of 148  surveyed (87%) said that this program has increased their quality of life
  • 138 out of 148  surveyed (93%) would recommend this program to a friend

Goal for 2023 survey and beyond = All recipients feel this program has helped them to remain independent and increased their quality of life.

“The food deliveries have been amazingly helpful and I want to say thank you to all the volunteers for making this possible. I am stressed right to my limit regarding my health not being up to par and dealing with my husband’s stroke which, thank G-d, he is recovering from. So I am sure you can comprehend the stress we are all under. Without the pressure of having to worry about and cook some meals, these deliveries are a blessing. Thank you so much for your kindness and thanks to each and every volunteer who brings a smile to every single person!!” – MADA client, Linda


Outcome Goal:  Ensure that every client requesting furniture has all their furniture needs met through our free distribution service.

Calculation:  Number of clients’ requests for furniture filled /  Number of clients’ requests for furniture 

  • 2021      286 items filled  out of 286 items requested
  • 2020      420 items filled  out of 420 items requested

Goal for 2022 and beyond  =  All request fulfilled


Outcome Goal:  The outcome goal is that no person below the poverty line should be lacking clothes.  

Calculation:  Number of clients requests for clothes fulfilled vs Number of client requests

  • 2021   815  number out of  815
  • 2020   733  number out of  733

We have reached this goal over the past 2 years with our used clothing store fully stocked and giveaways throughout the year of new and used clothes.  Our long term goal is to maintain this.

Goal for 2022 and beyond  =  All request fulfilled

Care & Call

Outcome Goal:  Ensure all clients signing up for the program feel socially connected and not socially isolated 

Calculation: Number of clients signed up for the program receiving support through regular phone calls who feel less socially isolated per June 2022 survey

  • 2021  6 out of 6
  • 2020  6 out of 6

Goal for 2022 and beyond  =  All are satisfied

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to turn every $1 you spend into $10 of value in goods and services to people in need.
MADA has a large network of food, clothing, and furniture donors that provide these items at no cost or low cost to MADA.
MADA then 
a) Transforms the food into meals
b) Redistributes packaged food, household items (like diapers) clothing, and furniture to those in need in a cost effective and efficient manner.
 All services to clients are provided free of charge.

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