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Chez Makolet

Welcome to Chez Makolet... 

Your no-cost food and basic essentials supply center

MADA’s Chez Makolet goes beyond being a food bank. With its 20,000 sq. ft. warehousing capabilities it is truly a food and life essentials supply center.

Made available as a service to the community, Chez Makolet offers a wide array of fresh produce and packaged foods in addition to the many basic day-to-day household essentials, from diapers to detergents, tooth paste to toilet paper, and many other such necessities.

Apply for our monthly distribution

If you register and are eligible, then once a month you can choose from a list of available products, and based on your family’s size and circumstances, your Chez Makolet packaged order may contain any where between $200 to $500 worth of goods.

Your well being is at the heart of our mission

MADA’s Chez Makolet purpose is to alleviate any budgetary strain you might be experiencing, so as to allow you to concentrate on improving yours and your family’s well-being.

Call on MADA, because we are all family.

MADA’s team of dedicated and kind-hearted volunteers are always mindful of the dignity of the thousands of individuals that call on MADA’s array of services.

“By saving one life, we are saving a world!” – Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Cohen

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