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Educational Classes

MADA offers an innovative seminar designed for corporations looking to improve their team-building programs, as well as for groups of individuals and students.

This seminar provides a comprehensive exploration of Canada’s poverty, specifically focusing on Montreal.

By utilizing various methods, including surveys, games, group discussions, and hands-on volunteering opportunities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those living in poverty.

The seminar also aims to dispel myths and misconceptions about poverty by presenting factual information and data. We encourage participants to explore creative ways to integrate the ideas presented in the seminar into their daily lives and to use this newfound knowledge to inspire positive change in their communities.

The core objective of our seminar is to encourage empathy, which is the foundation of social life. Through the program, participants will better understand the challenges faced by those living in poverty, ultimately empowering them to take action and positively impact their communities.


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